For Now, No Formal Alliance

At the same time, CURT and CII, who had been exploring their own changes with the proposed formation of an alliance for research purposes, didn’t address the topic during the three-day meeting, although it previously had been on the agenda.

Greg Sizemore, CURT executive vice president, had updated members via email on Jan. 21 to explain that the University of Texas at Austin “instructed the Construction Industry Institute to terminate planning of the member-supported alliance between CII and CURT.” CII is based at the University of Texas.
Nevertheless, Sizemore’s email added, “It is obvious to us that the spirit of the alliance prevails. CURT will continue to pursue the concept of an alliance.”

CURT and CII—along with the Engineering and Construction Contracting Association—announced in September 2020 “their intention to form an alliance to provide more resources and reduce overall costs to members,” according to an ENR story that fall. More recently, the prospect of the alliance had focused on CURT and CII collaborations.

In an email statement to ENR, John G. Ekerdt, associate dean for research in engineering at the UT, noted that “CII’s governance through the University of Texas at Austin would not allow the alliance to be structured as it was proposed. The two organizations, CII and CURT, intend to look for ways to cooperate as they continue on their missions to improve the construction industry.”

Stephen Mulva, director of CII, told ENR in a follow-up interview, “It’s important for CII to continue to collaborate with CURT and with other groups.”