CURT Membership Options

As the premier global construction owner organization, CURT exists to…

  • Improve quality and cost effectiveness in Owner construction and maintenance projects.
  • Represent “the Owners’ voice” to the industry and give Owners direct involvement in national and international construction issues.
  • Provide resources for sharing best practices among Owners.
  • Supply a forum to address mutual Owner issues—especially those of safety, labor relations, productivity improvement and other cost-reduction strategies.
  • Provide opportunity for Owners to network on domestic and international issues.
  • Promote workforce recruitment, education and training, as well as effective construction planning and practices.
  • Provide a repository for Owner resources so they may become more effective decision makers.
  • Communicate and interact with contractors and associations to assure that the Owner’s voice is heard and understood.
  • Improve existing and create new strategic alliances with both open-shop and unionized sectors of the industry.
  • Develop industry standards and Owner expectations with respect to safety, training and worker qualifications.
  • Empower and enhance the effectiveness of Local User Councils throughout North America.

There are three full, paid membership options in CURT.  

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