What’s on your wish list this holiday season? New slippers? A smartphone upgrade? Tickets to your favorite team’s next game? Might we suggest you add a membership to the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) to the list?

There are more than 8,000 professional associations in the United States, but membership with CURT should be your number one pick.

CURT was founded 20 years ago by construction and engineering executives with the goal of creating a competitive advantage for construction users. The organization represents owners, contractors, and associations that work in the United States and around the world, and provides a forum for leaders of its member companies to exchange information, best practices, experiences with new technologies, and new and better ways of completing projects on time, on budget, and safety.

Join a Prestigious List of Industry Leaders

Consider this – you learn from a colleague that another owner is experiencing success with a new way of writing contracts. Can you call up the construction leader at that company and ask how they’re achieving success? Maybe…but likely not.

However, if you’re a member of CURT and they’re a member of CURT, the association’s membership meetings, industry forums, and annual National Conference provide an excellent way to connect. Association events represent an incredible opportunity for you to meet and network with the largest gathering of your peers.

What’s more, CURT events always feature presentations from member companies that are achieving success with innovative new methods, whether that be contract writing, using new technologies, addressing workforce shortages, making productivity gains, and every other topic that’s of importance to owners.

This is what makes CURT truly unique – its members are excited to share what’s working in order to produce meaningful change across the construction industry.

Google. Chevron. Honda of America. Ameren. Merck & Co., Procter & Gamble, Freeport-McMoRan. These are just a few of CURT’s owner-members who regularly attend CURT events. In total, members represent nearly $200 billion in capital and maintenance spending power.

Access a Toolbox That Will Impact Your Company’s Success

Along with unprecedented networking opportunities, CURT members have access to a number of industry tools not available elsewhere. This includes:

  • AskCURT, which is brand new to the association’s line-up, connects its most valuable resource – its people. CURT members represent unlimited experience and this network provides an easy way to access this valuable resource.
  • CURT’s members complete projects more safely than the industry’s average. You can learn how they are achieving safety success by accessing the Safety Benchmarking Portal, which provides access to decades’ worth of CURT and CII member safety data.
  • For decades the construction industry’s productivity levels have lagged behind other industries. But the opportunity for change has arrived. In a collaborative effort with COAA, CII, and CLMA, CURT launched the High-Level Productivity Calculator, which enables a project and its craft disciplines to be benchmarked against a validated project index.
  • Owners have the most to lose financially when worker challenges are present. In response, CURT created the owners’ Labor Risk Management (LRM) Program to help owners pre-qualify and select contractors based on their workforce development commitment, performance, activity, and growth.
  • CURT is also working to create a library of leading-practice workforce development and training programs. If you are involved with such an initiative please take a moment to submit your program and help us build this important industry resource.

Connect with Resources That Make an Impact

In addition to the membership benefits noted above, you’ll also be invited to share your knowledge via CURT’s Committees. Members who participate benefit greatly from the opportunity to learn from their peers in a smaller setting, while also contributing to the betterment of the industry. Committees include Off-Site Construction, Lean Project Delivery, Workforce Development, Safety & Health, Technology & Productivity, Procurement & Productivity, and National Conference Planning.

Members also receive a free subscription to The VOICE, which is published and mailed to members quarterly; are encouraged to promote CURT’s Young Professionals Advisory Group, which is focused on knowledge transfer and building the leaders of tomorrow; and are asked to submit stellar projects for recognition at CURT’s Awards of Excellence Gala. There are three categories (Safety, Project Excellence, and Workforce Development).

Networking, benchmarking, education, and knowledge sharing. These are just a few benefits of joining CURT. To receive an information packet that outlines all of the advantages of becoming a member, fill out this form, email construction-users@curt.org, or call 513-563-4131.

Even better – join us at our upcoming National Conference, February 10-12, 2020 in Chandler, Arizona, and immerse yourself in an event that is designed for in-depth learning, meaningful networking, and even a bit of fun. Learn more here.