National Construction Conference Planning Committee

National Construction Conference Planning Committee Objectives

Address current issues in the construction industry

Address “hot” issues in the overall construction industry, including those facing owners, contractors, suppliers, legal, technology, labor and the financial sectors.

Provide insight and analysis of the construction industry

Provide insight and analysis of construction industry trends, developments, technologies and practices.

Develop practical solutions for Owners

Provide practical solutions for construction Owners in the context of today’s economy.

Create construction business issue presentations

Develop presentations designed to address issues facing Owner productivity, safety, competitiveness and workforce.

Showcase CURT accomplishments

Provide presentation showcase for CURT accomplishments, successes, products, services and initiatives.

Facilitate networking between Owners and industry leaders

Facilitate networking among Owners and industry leaders.

Enhance national conference reputation and growth

Enhance the reputation and growth of the national conference.

About CURT Active Member Committees

In order to create a competitive advantage and provide aggressive leadership for construction users around the globe, CURT has established working committees and task forces—led by CURT member leaders—to address core initiatives that affect the construction industry on a daily basis.

The CURT Executive Committee appoints committee and task force chairs and co-chairs annually. CURT forms ad hoc committees as needed to address critical issues.