2020-August Off-Site Construction Summit

Virtual Event - Eastern Timezone

August 26th @ 10:30 AM - August 26th @ 3:30 PM



Event Description:

The challenges for the industry are greater now than ever before.  We continue to see a declining labor market with the same performance objectives around safety and quality.  The pressure to get our product to market first will continue to drive aggressive schedules. 

As the global interest in Off-Site Construction & Modularization increases, it will be critical to have a clear understanding of the processes and how to engage for maximum return. More owners and contractors are starting to realize the significant cost, labor, and schedule saving associated. Once this experience is gained, the attraction for driving these strategies are much more desirable. These capital approaches are being adopted in areas where the availability of cheap labor is not considered an issue because they yield better project results. 

In the last 3 years, we have discussed Basic modularization, megaprojects, and truck/barge shippable possibilities. This year’s workshop will concentrate on the owners blueprint to developing a good Off-Site Construction & Modularization Blueprint process, review the voice of the industry with a new FMI/CURT survey, Quality differences and concerns, Commercial aspects and understanding contractual terms/relationships, Early design and CG weight balance planning considerations, Modular analysis, and an advantaged site.  We will also find time to engage in the ever-popular SME panel discussions. 

This years’ workshop will address some of the constraints that owners and contractors see in the next step of developing and viable, resilient Off-Site Construction & Modularization processes for their company.

This VIRTUAL event will be held concurrently with the Workforce Development Summit. Please register for only one summit per person.