The CURT® Construction Industry Resources Network (CIRnet) is comprised of CURT’s most valuable resource – its people. CURT® owners, contractors and others represent virtually unlimited global experience and leading practices in construction program management and project planning and execution. This network is available to you as a CURT® member and we encourage you to engage the CIRnet regularly so that you don’t miss out on the high value of CURT®.

How does the CIRnet® help you?

  1. Connect to the vast knowledge possessed by CURT® members who’ve been there before and learned a better way
  2. Find leading-practice solutions to hard-to-answer questions
  3. Get answers now, rather than research or white papers later
  4. Offer your experience and leading-practice solutions
  5. Build your relationships – Grow the network

How does the CIRnet® work?

  1. Login to your CURT® account. (Your organization must be a CURT® member to access this resource)
  2. Click the red “Ask A Question” button to get started and tap into the CURT® network
  3. Click the red “My Questions” button to view your previous questions and answers
  4. Click the red “My Answers” button to view answers you’ve provided to other members’ questions
  5. Click the red “All Questions” button to view all questions asked within the CURT® network
  6. When you see an email subject line beginning with “CIRnet Question:“, please be sure to respond
  7. Need help? Contact us at 513.563.4131