Offsite Construction Committee

In 2017, CURT chartered a new task force to focus on prefabrication and modularization. Egon Larsen of Air Products and former CURT President led this effort. Today, this committee helps to provide CURT members with the modularization and prefabrication tools and resources needed to meet the ever-growing difficulties with project execution goals. Mainly, those of reducing cost and schedule while maintaining a safe construction work environment.

Offsite Construction Committee Objectives

The goal of this committee is to engage with a broad array of construction industry stakeholders to identify and assemble leading practice solutions. These efforts aim to support, improve and accelerate efforts related to the successful implementation and delivery of offsite fabrication and modularization.

About CURT Active Member Committees

In order to create a competitive advantage and provide aggressive leadership for construction users around the globe, CURT has established working committees and task forces—led by CURT member leaders—to address core initiatives that affect the construction industry on a daily basis.

The CURT Executive Committee appoints committee and task force chairs and co-chairs annually. CURT forms ad hoc committees as needed to address critical issues.