The Operating System 2.0 Industrial Affiliates Program (OS2 IAP)

The capital projects industry is unsustainable for many sectors of the global economy. Many capital projects either lack new technology, effective management, or both. Current processes are not agile or flexible enough to accommodate change and lack the foresight to envision the operating reality for years in the future. “Plan the work, work the plan,” doesn’t work.

Redefining the Capital Projects Business Model

That’s why CURT and CII, in partnership with PrairieDog Venture Partners, believe the solution is Operating System 2.0. This vision is a multi-industry, collaborative, research-supported effort that aims to redesign industry procedures and standards and replace them with a standardized, technology-enabled platform that accommodates future changes and makes capital projects more financially viable and sustainable.

The Operating System 2.0 Industrial Affiliates Program (OS2 IAP) conducts research aimed at defining new ways of doing business in the capital projects industry. The goal is to unlock value blocked by today’s engineering and construction practices.

While the systems and work processes that manage capital projects have improved steadily in recent decades, the underlying business model binding investors with construction industry product and service providers is still characterized by a lack of trust, excessive friction in transactions, and burdensome financial waste — preventing real progress.

Our challenge

We will combat declining industry performance and poor project outcomes by creating a new commercial model for capital projects. Our goal is to create a healthy and robust engineering and construction industry that works for all stakeholders. The status quo is unacceptable.

Our opportunity

A healthy industry eliminates waste. Inefficient transactions are the largest source of waste on capital projects. The OS2IAP will slash significant transaction costs and their negative effects on schedule, predictability, productivity, and quality, to enable greater capital efficiency as well as increased profitability for supply chain members.

To learn more about Operating System 2.0, download the brochure.

Below, we invite you to watch the OS2 presentation delivered by Pete Dumont, CURT President and Stephen Mulva, CII Executive Director on February 12, 2018 at the CURT National Conference.

Get Involved

The OS2 IAP was created to leverage the legacy of our industry’s best practices – to incorporate and transcend them. Better opportunities for our industry’s companies and talented people are coming. Your participation is needed as we implement and validate the OS2 IAP innovations on projects that are underway. For more information, please contact our team.