Access Level: Friend of CURT

What can CURT do for you and your organization?

Because The Construction Users Roundtable is primarily an Owners organization with limited membership opportunity for contractors and associations, the full, paid membership is not available to everyone in the construction industry. However, the products and resources that are developed in CURT are beneficial to and available to just about everyone in the construction industry simply by joining CURT.

CURT invites you to join us online as a Friend of CURT, which means you will have complimentary access to the following resources and services…

Events/Networking –
Find out about upcoming CURT workshops and the National Conference and register online.  It has never been this easy.

Resource Center – Find answers to construction industry-specific issues and challenges through the CURT library. Products include publications, meeting and webinar presentations, peer-reviewed white papers, best practices, online tools, The Voice magazine and other valuable resources.

Online Training – Uncover continuing education and professional development opportunities for you and your employees and sign up to participate in regular online training and monthly educational sessions. These training sessions will help you understand industry standards and Owner expectations regarding safety, training and worker/contractor qualifications.

Personalized Communications – Select the industry issues in which you are most interested and we’ll be able to communicate with you on the issues that are most important to you.

The Friend of CURT account gives you immediate access to the products and services described above, but since there is no charge for this access level, it doesn’t come with all the same benefits of a full membership. However, if you are an approved owner, contractor or association, you can always expand your membership level later on if you like what you see.

With a Friend of CURT account, you have more opportunity than you would otherwise. What you access and how much you are involved is your choice, but we believe this is a great way to find to information and resources not available anywhere else.

Not sure if CURT is right for you? That’s OK, register now and check us out.

If you like what you see and you are an owner, contractor or association, you can always increase your membership level later. If your organization doesn’t fit into one of these industry designations, the Friend of CURT option will still give you the uninterrupted basic access described above.

Click to register today as a Friend of CURT