Committee: Procurement & Contracting

In order to create competitive advantage and provide aggressive leadership for construction users around the globe, CURT has established working committees and task forces—led by CURT member leaders—to address core initiatives that affect the construction industry on a daily basis.

The CURT Executive Committee appoints committee and task force chairs and co-chairs annually.  CURT forms ad hoc committees as needed to address critical issues.

Procurement is a critical function to the effectiveness of organizations leveraging their capital spend in a manner that provides the highest value. The ability to drive value to an organization through the utilization of effective procurement can be a significant differentiator and competitive advantage for organizations. The committee will achieve this objective through the following actions:

  • Recommend, in cooperation with the CURT members and the committee to approve 2-4 implementation projects to focus on in the upcoming year. The recommendation will contain a proposed action plan and budget.
  • Work closely with the committee to execute the plan to drive adoption in the industry of the implementation projects approved by the CURT Board.
  • Conduct periodic surveys of the CURT membership and other industry stakeholders to benchmark industry performance, to help set priorities and gauge the effectiveness of the efforts to drive implementation of CURT’s top initiatives.
  • Procurement is a critical piece of Owner Organizations driving application of LEAN Principles in the delivery of Capital Spend.
  • Future Revenue opportunities for CURT specific to this Topic may be:
    • Integration of principles into COMM
    • Standalone Procurement Training Sessions, similar to OSB Trainings
    • A series of Lunch and Learns on the topic of Procurement
    • Leveraging this Resource as a marketing tool for Membership Development
    • Utilizing this topic for the development and execution of a Quarterly Summit

The committee will be responsible for guiding, developing and implementing the construction procurement efficiency efforts of CURT. The committee will achieve this objective through the following actions:

  • A document similar to the OSB that is focused on the different aspects of Procurement with an overarching ‘lens’ of “What Does a Good Procurement Organization Look Like?” and/or what are key questions your organization should ask of your procurement function.
  • Develop and Produce a 2018 – Quarterly Summit to disseminate the information and deliverables to the Construction Community
  • Other Resources as identified by the committee and the CURT Board

Focus Areas:

  • Measuring Supplier Performance
  • Contracts – From Weapon to Tool in the Relationship
  • Acquisition Processes – Proper Timing/Reverse Scheduling
  • Cost Segregation Modeling – Tax/Depreciation/Total Cost of Ownership/Rebates
  • Gate & RACI Utilization – Process/Alignment
  • Procurement HR Team Adjustments
  • Alignment of KPI’s Between Stakeholders (Internal/External)
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