The Voice Magazine

The Official Magazine of the Construction Users Roundtable

Construction is an ever-evolving industry. Whether you’re a busy construction executive or own a construction business, you rely on knowing the latest news and information. Sometimes though, it can be challenging to cut through the noise and find a truly independent construction magazine. A reliable publication you can turn to. A trustworthy voice in the various construction industries. That’s why we bring you The Voice magazine.

Inside The Voice Magazine

The Voice is a membership benefit of the nonprofit Construction Users Roundtable (CURT). Here’s a detailed look at what you can find in each issue of our quarterly publication.

Industry Leaders

Hear from CURT’s executive leadership on construction industry updates and insights in messages crafted especially for CURT’s members.

Get to Know CURT

CURT’s Board of Directors: Do you have a question you’d like to ask CURT’s Board of Directors in a future issue of The Voice? If so, email

Committee Conversations: Get the latest updates from the CURT Committees and discover how they are working to help create a competitive advantage for construction users throughout the industry.

Cover Story and Features

Every issue of The Voice magazine contains several articles from construction executives, construction business owners, and users need to stay competitive. You’ll find information on the latest news, insights, and challenges currently facing the industry. Past topics include everything from mental wellbeing on international projects and the impact of employee assistance programs to creativity and change in the construction industry and understanding infrastructure.

Legal Brief

The Legal Brief section provides insights from construction attorneys into a specific legal issue construction users may come across in their business. Past topics include how to address project defects, laws that may impact the industry, and climate change revisions.

The Voice e-Magazine

The three latest issues of The Voice are available below as an e-magazine that can be read on your computer or mobile device. To receive a print copy of the magazine, plus access e-magazine digital back issues, you must be a member of CURT.




Advertising in The Voice

The Voice magazine is published by Matrix Group Publishing, Inc. Advertisers in each issue are featured in the Index to Advertisers. Additionally, direct links to advertiser websites are available in the e-magazine version.

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