Membership Option: Contractor Associate

What can CURT do for you and your organization?

  • Provide leadership to the industry and drive change by creating a strong industry communication opportunity to Owners.
  • Create and promote resources for sharing best practices.
  • Opportunity to work with Owners to develop industry standards and expectations regarding safety, training and worker/contractor qualifications.
  • Promote workforce development in all industry sectors.
  • Work with Owners to improve quality and cost effectiveness of construction and maintenance operations.
  • Provide continuing education workshops and seminars for the professional development of members and their employees.
  • Recognize your company for outstanding safety procedures and workforce development through the CURT awards program.
  • Facilitate high-level industry networking opportunities.
  • Create initiatives that drive change and reflect your company’s challenges and concerns.
  • Collaborate with Owners, contractors and construction trade associations on policy and industry recommendations.
  • Supply white papers, reports, survey results and publications for decision-making and educational purposes.

Contractors can and should…

  • Join CURT today as a Contractor Associate.
  • Engage high-level executive representatives and participate in CURT initiatives, committees and educational opportunities as requested by CURT leadership.
  • Implement CURT recommendations.
  • Participate in the CWDC Labor Supply/Demand Forecasting Model.
  • Attend CURT meetings and the national conference when possible for networking and learning opportunities.
  • Take advantage of CURT seminars and workshops.
  • Accept responsibility to implement change.
  • Strive for continual construction industry improvement and cost-effectiveness.

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