Measure Your Pathway to Zero – Improve Performance


One of the foundational tenants of CURT’s purpose is to help improve safety performance on construction projects and drive incidents, injuries and fatalities to Zero. Every organization is in a different place in their journey to zero, so no two paths are the same. However, each organization desires the same outcome; so to obtain the desired results from all members of the team on any project, there must be a shared perspective of what it means to be working toward the achievement of the outcome. What is our track record internally? How do we compare to other organizations? How do we compare to the construction industry overall? If it isn’t measured, it can’t be improved.

Since 2004, CURT® owner members have provided their safety performance data to the CURT® Safety Committee for aggregation and tracking. Now that data is available in a first-of-its-kind, dynamic, real-time Safety Benchmarking Portal (SBP) available only to CURT® Owner Members. All data is aggregated and blinded to ensure the confidentiality of each organization’s information.

How does the SBP help you?


  1. Provides an internal repository and resource for instant access to your organization’s safety data
  2. Provides a resource for your organization to track multiple years of safety performance data in real-time
  3. Provides a tool for your organization and all CURT members to benchmark safety performance in real-time
  4. Enables measurement of safety performance within the construction industry to accelerate your journey to zero

How does the SBP work?


    1. Login to your account. (If you don’t have a password, request access on the login screen) Be sure to use a modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer to login. Older browsers will not enable access.
    2. Click the Safety Survey tab, select a year for which you will submit data and enter data in the easy-to-use input form. Be sure to check all the prior year data in your account and update it to improve tracking and reporting
    3. Click the Reports & Insight tab to visualize and benchmark your organization’s data
      • Use the side-by-side table format to compare and benchmark any two years of data
      • Download your organization’s data into Excel (CSV) for external use
      • Use the chart display to track and benchmark your organization over a 10-year horizon
      • Click on the various metric titles to customize your graphic display
    4. Need help? Contact us at 513.563.4131
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