Committee: Safety & Wellness


In order to create competitive advantage and provide aggressive leadership for construction users around the globe, CURT has established working committees and task forces—led by CURT member leaders—to address core initiatives that affect the construction industry on a daily basis.

The CURT Executive Committee appoints committee and task force chairs and co-chairs annually.  CURT forms ad hoc committees as needed to address critical issues.

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Safety and Wellness Objectives

  • Communicate Owners’ position to regulatory agencies on safety issues and practices.
  • Promote and implement the Owners’ Safety Blueprint, including outreach to Local User Councils.
  • Develop an international Owner’s Safety Blueprint that accounts for nuances in non-U.S. construction.
  • Address problem areas and develop educational safety materials for Owners.
  • Develop tools for measuring and improving construction safety performance.
  • Recognize outstanding Owner and contractor safety performance.
  • Administer the CISE Awards program.

Since 2004, CURT® owner members have provided their safety performance data to the CURT® Safety and Wellness Committee for aggregation and tracking. Now that data is available in a first-of-its-kind, dynamic, real-time Safety Benchmarking Portal (SBP) available only to CURT® Owner Members. All data is aggregated and blinded to ensure the confidentiality of each organization’s information.