Redefining Construction Labor Market Intelligence

On May 29, 2014, Daniel Groves appeared on the Louisiana Business & Industry Show to discuss the skilled labor market challenges and tools available to more effectively plan project labor and manage project labor risk.

The Construction Labor Market Analyzer® is designed to help you manage risk, reduce contingency and save money on the labor component of projects by providing reliable, actionable labor market data and intelligence, as well as wage and per diem escalation services. By collecting capital and maintenance project information directly from owners, Dodge Data & Analytics and/or its own market research; and by collecting skilled labor supply data directly from contractors, unions, labor brokers and self-performing owners; the CLMA® produces reliable, market-based project planning data to help you control and avoid labor costs and challenges. The CLMA® helps you quickly and easily identify labor risk for any non-residential construction project, anywhere in the U.S., up to 5 years out, and then analyze your risk mitigation options for more effective planning. The key to risk planning is reliable labor market intelligence. That’s the strength of the CLMA®.

What Can the CLMA® Do To Help You?

  • User-friendly interfaces allow easy input and management of projects and labor in a confidential, collaborative environment
  • Visualization of skilled labor supply/demand with market overlay to understand risk and imbalances
  • Project labor risk tracking and risk mitigation solutions linked to project planning/execution stages
  • Wage and per diem impact and escalation services
  • Access to actionable labor market data for 49 crafts and 14 professional positions for up to 5 years out
  • Dynamic labor scenarios for any geographic region by zip code radius, one state or multiple states
  • Visualization of market supply headcount, mobility and attrition Macro & micro economic analysis of the construction marketplace for all areas of the U.S. – undated continuously
  • Quarterly reports on the impact of oil and gas prices on construction
  • Effective marketing of your company’s services
  • Geo-Identification of when and where to re-allocate craft resources
  • Customized analytics, dashboards and analytics services
  • Excellent customer service and personal attention