Local User Councils

Local User Councils provide an effective forum for the exchange of ideas among owners and contractors on how to improve their local construction environment. In essence, how to find ways to get “more construction for the money.” This national network of concerned owners and contractors provides an opportunity to share ideas and best practices on how to make construction safer and more effective on a local or regional level. CURT encourages owner participation in these very important councils. For more information about these Local User Councils please contact an LUC near you.

United States LUCs

California - CA, AZ, NV

Western Council of Construction Consumers
Contact: Andrew C. Wiktorowicz
Phone: (818) 735-4733
E-mail: andy@wccc.org
Website: www.wccc.org

Connecticut - Statewide

Construction Institute/University of Hartford
Contact: Nancy Wiegers Greenwald, Executive Director
Phone: (860) 768-5696
E-mail: ngreenwald@construction.org
Website: www.construction.org

Illinois - Peoria

Greater Peoria Contractors & Suppliers Association
Contact: Dana Oaks
Phone: (309) 692-5710
E-mail: info@gpcsa.org
Website: www.gpcsa.org

Kentucky - Louisville

Kentuckiana Construction Users Council
Contact: Michael Sleder
Phone: (502) 775-5968
Email: mike@kcuc.org
Website: www.kcuc.org

Louisiana - Lake Charles

Southwest Louisiana Construction Users Council
Contact: Dale Logan
Phone: (337) 425-5810
Email: r.dalelogan@laia.com

Minnesota - Minneapolis

Laborers Users & Contractors Association
Contact: Steve Pettersen
Phone: (651) 646-2121
E-mail: spettersen@minnesotamca.org

Missouri - Saint Louis

St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers
Contact: Kelly Jackson
Phone: (636) 394-6200
E-mail: kjackson@slccc.net
Website: www.slccc.net

New Jersey - North

North Jersey Construction Users Roundtable
Contact: Patricia Ann Hering-Ray, Executive Director
Phone: (732) 687-8954
E-mail: pathering@associationsoffice.com
Website: www.crtnj.org

Ohio - Cincinnati

Construction Owners Assoc. of the Tri-State
Contact: Gregory L. Sizemore
Phone: (513) 563-4131
E-mail: coats@curt.org

Southeastern States

Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable
Contact: Tim Johnson
Phone: (225) 408-4250
E-mail: staff@scoar.org
Website: www.scoar.org

Texas - Sabine Area

Golden Triangle Business Roundtable
Contact: W. Dennis Isaacs
Phone: (409) 727-3586
E-mail: wdennisisaacs@gtbr.org
Website: www.gtbr.org

West Virginia - Charleston

Appalachian Construction Users Council
Contact: Gregory L. Sizemore
Phone: (513) 563-4131
E-mail: acuc@curt.org

Central Gulf

The Central Gulf Industrial Alliance
Contact: Kristie Kelley
Phone: (850) 549-1298
E-mail: kkelley@cgialliance.com
Website:  www.cgialliance.com

Illinois - East Saint Louis

Council of Owners & Construction Associates
Contact: Mary Beth Proost
Phone: (314) 808-7732
E-mail: mproost@cocainc.com
Website: www.cocainc.com

Indiana - Indianapolis

Indiana Construction Roundtable, Inc.
Contact: Chris Price
Phone: (317) 686-2669
E-mail: cprice@indianaconstruction.org
Website: www.indianaconstruction.org

Louisiana - Baton Rouge

Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance
Contact: Connie Fabre
Phone: (225) 769-0596
E-mail: connie@gbria.org
Website: www.gbria.org

Louisiana - New Orleans

Greater New Orleans Business Roundtable
Contact: Steven R. Springer
Phone: (504) 712-0512
E-mail: gnobr@bellsouth.net
Website: www.gnobr.org

Missouri - Kansas City

Kansas City Construction Users Council
Contact: Sam Alpert
Phone: (816) 561-9958
E-mail: sam@sreskc.com

New England

Facilities Management Council of the Construction Institute
Contact: Nancy Wiegers Greenwald
Phone: (860) 768-5696
E-mail: ngreenwald@construction.org
Website: www.construction.org

New York - New York City

Greater NY Construction Users Council
Contact: Sarah Berman
Phone: (212) 450-7300
Email: sberman@bermangrp.com
Website: www.gnycuc.org

Ohio - Toledo

Northwest Ohio Great Lakes Construction Alliance
Contact: Todd Michaelson
Phone: (419) 666-6040
E-mail: todd@necaohmi.org

Pacific Northwest

Northwest Construction Consumers Council
Contact: Travis Millhollin
Phone: (360) 739-3029
E-mail: travis@nwccc.org
Website: www.nwccc.org

Texas - Houston

Houston Business Roundtable
Contact: John Buchanan
Office: (713) 645-0923
Cell: (713) 822-8962
E-mail: jbuchanan@houbrt.com
Website: www.houbrt.com


Virginia Local Users Council
Contact: Vanessa Rastberger
Phone: (804) 643-7489 x123
E-mail: vrastberger@vamanufacturers.com

International LUCs

Canada - Alberta

Construction Owners Association of Alberta
Contact: Neil Shelly
Phone: (780) 420-1145 x224
E-Mail: neil@coaa.ab.ca
Website: www.coaa.ab.ca

Canada - Ontario

Ontario Construction Users Council
Contact: Dan Chui
Phone: (647) 376-6118
E-mail: dchui.ocuc@outlook.com
Website: www.theocuc.com